Deepmind Capital is an AI-powered research firm that specializes in providing insights from terabytes of data input processed by delicate AI models.

Acceleration of AI technology

Ever since the the concept of AI emerged in the 1950s, the AI technology has never been as powerful as it is today, neither is the pace of development. 

Computer beat human being in chess in May 1997 when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in a six-game match. In March 2016, Google’s AlphaGo computer program beat world number one go player Lee Sedol four to one. The victory was considered a significant milestone in the development of AI and demonstrated the potential of machine learning to solve complex problems.

In 2023, GPT based ChatGPT demonstrates that AI is able to understand and generate natural language text that is virtually indistinguishable from that written by humans. ChatGPT has the capacity to learn from vast amounts of text data and can generate coherent and contextually relevant responses to a wide range of questions and prompts.

Artificial Intelligence has had an enormous impact and has surpassed humans in many fields, from gaming to computer vision to self-driving cars. Artificial Intelligence can create a competitive edge to extract actionable insights in the complex framework of the financial markets with their ever-changing dynamic nature, hundreds of noisy factors affecting performance, and non-linear interactions.

AI for alpha generation

We build our Artificial Intelligence model (EquityAlpha) to  analyzes over 10,000 features per stock per day, based on more than 6000 technical, 1500 fundamental, and 1500 sentiment indicators for every stock.
The predictive capacity achieved by EquityAlpha and the amount of data processed for every stock are out of reach for human analysis.
Our AI uses every day the learnings from last 10 years to identify the stock features (alpha signals) that generated the most alpha (positive and negative) after 60 market days. The alpha signals are used in combination in hundreds of decision trees to calculate the probability of stocks beating the market. 

Human experts conduct fundamental research

Following the alpha signal generation, our expert human analysts will conduct fundamental research based on 1) our proprietary data and pattern recognition on stocks/industry trends, 2) intensive forecast methodology, 3) market intelligence, and 4) proven financial analysis and studies of key metrics.


We publish written research reports covering companies that carries a strong alpha signal and strong fundamentals, on which we have high conviction to outperform in a 12-month horizon. 

We provide consultation with an intentionally limited set of institutional investor clients.

We customize research, including intensive diligence on private businesses and public companies for our institutional clients.

team members

Bai Jing Huang

Prior to co-founding the company, Huang worked for four years at the natural language processing department at iFlytek, a leading AI company in China, followed by a 2 years in the big data department of Baidu, and 1 year at GF Fund Management. He studied computer science at Chinese University of Science and Technology

Huang is the brain behind the artificial intelligence model of Deepmind Capital. He is currently in charge of our EquityAlpha AI model tuning, training and enhancement.

Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei studied finance in Central South University in Wuhan, China. After graduation, he spent 4 years in Everbrite Private Equity as a research analyst with a focus on consumer and TMT sector. His role involved collaborating with senior investment professionals to source and evaluate investment opportunities, perform due diligence, and actively manage portfolio companies. He is currently lead analyst covering TMT and consumer sector. He brings to Deepmind his special perspective on looking at company's from private equity investors' view.



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